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About us

As tourism becomes the world’s number one business, World Currency Exchange provides exceptional exchange rates and quality service.

With a combined professional experience of over 35 years, our multi-lingual staff is ready to serve you to make World Currency Exchange your one stopover to meet all your financial needs; be it Foreign Currency, Foreign Drafts, Foreign Coins, Travelers Checks, Cash Advances, ATM, Money Orders, MoneyGram instant wire services, as well as Notary Services.

Our multi-lingual staff is on hand to serve you in a wide range of languages: From English to Dutch and from Afrikaans to Mandarin, offering outstanding professional and reliable services to companies, individuals and institutions.

Our client base includes Academia, Fashion Houses, Financial Institutions, Media, Real Estate Developers, small businesses and multi-national corporations; World Currency Exchange has developed an expertise in advising and offering all these different clients with their respective needs.

With a client base that includes universities, financial institutions, importers, small businesses and multi-national corporations, World Currency Exchange recognizes that different clients can have very distinct objectives and expectations when moving money internationally, and we take pride in tailoring our services to meet those specific requirements While there is always competition in a free society, it is our goal to strive in offering service that will set us apart from other foreign exchange entities.